2012.9-2013.1 Semester 3 上的课


2IW15 Automated Reasoning

  • Leaned:
    • Obtaining insight how various problems can be transformed to formulas, and can be solved automatically by computer programs manipulating these formulas.
  • Project:
    • 3 assignments
  • Skills:
    • Yices, bddsolve
  • Ps: 感觉就是练了vim和python

2IN28 Grid and Cloud Computing

  • Leaned:
    • Scheduling and Resource Management
    • Data Centers and Energy Efficiency
    • Multi-tenancy and Virtualization
    • Cloud Programming Models
  • Project:
    • Term extraction system on Amazon EC2
    • Deployed a term extraction system on Amazon EC2
    • The system consists of two parts: the resource management server and the labors
    • The labors are virtual machines on Amazon EC2, and processes inputs, outputs the terms
    • The resource management server controls the resources (labors); elastically allocates the resources.
  • Skills:
    • AWS SDK, web2py, Spring framework
  • Ps: elaborate

2IV35 Visualization

  • Leaned:
    • color mapping, contouring
    • Vector visualization
    • Volume visualization
    • Information visualization
  • Project:
    • 3 assignments
  • Skills:
    • OpenGL in Java, Prefuse library

2ID95 Information System Seminar

  • Project: distributed sampling
    • Altered a pattern sampling algorithm to a distributed fashion
      • Involving reservoir sampling
      • Implemented Cartesian Join in hadoop
    • Implemented it in hadoop environment
  • Skills: hadoop old and new APIs

Internship in Philips Research

  • Position: software engineer
  • Project: TClouds, TPaaS (Trustworthy Platform as a Service)
  • Skills: Spring framework (MVC, Security), Hibernate, Maven, OAuth

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