2012.2-2012.7 Semester 2 上的课

拖到今天终于要写了, 不晓得还记得以前干了什么不.

9ST14 Academic Skills in English

  • Learned: presentation and writing
  • Assignments: presentation and writing
  • Ps: 其实很好的一门课, 可惜当时不知道在干吗

5MB20 Adaptive Information Processing

  • Learned: Bayesian machine learning; Gaussians; Linear regression; Generative classification; Discriminative classification; Gaussian mixture models; Entropy maximum algorithm; Hidden Markov models; Context tree; MDL principle
  • Ps: 这课还是学了很多东西的, 就是忘光了

2ID45 Advanced Databases

  • Learned:
    • deductive databases (datalog);
    • data warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP);
    • XML data model
  • Project: a CV generator website. The user can enter blocks of information to the website, decide which of those would be included each time to the final CV edition, and in the end, produces a pdf version of his CV.
    • Used BaseX server on an Apache server to support the XML database and XQuery
    • Used PHP to implement the webpage interface to allow users to access their profiles
    • Used latex as the backend processor to generate CV
  • Skill acquired: XQuery, BaseX, PHP
  • Ps: 俄罗斯哥说这课上东西没实用价值

2II55 Business Process Management Systems

  • Learned:
    • Modeling and implementation of workflows
    • analysis of workflows/business processes
  • Project: modeled a Retail Supply Chain, and a Robotic Distribution Centre
  • Skill acquired: YAWL, Protos
  • Ps: 挂了, 补考过了

1BM46 Data Mining and Process Mining

  • Learned:
    • Data mining:
      • K-nearest neighbors, decision trees, information gain, over fitting
      • performance measurements, experimental design, k-fold cross-validation
      • ANN, clustering
    • Process mining:
      • structure of an event-log, CPN-tools for generating event logs, alpha-algorithm
      • Conformance checking (fitness precision, generalization, understand ability) and the LTL checker)
      • Process mining in practice: C-nets, Flexible Heuristics Miner, Fuzzy Miner
      • Process mining and k-fold cross-validation, multidimensional process mining
  • Project:
    • Prediction of cancer patients’ duration in hospital
    • Divided the duration into two classes: short-term and long-term
    • Eliminate irrelevant attributes by backward feature elimination
    • Develop a decision tree
    • Cross validated the develop tree, and achieved an accuracy of 75.89%
    • Explored the relation between durations and treating physicians
  • Skill acquired: KNIME, CPN-tools, ProM 5&6

2ID35 Database Technology

  • Learned:
    • Storage, the I/O computational model, & external sorting
    • Indexing: B-trees, R-trees, and GiST
    • Query processing and optimization
    • Distributed query processing
    • Transaction management
  • Project:
    • Cardinality estimation method for RDF star joins
    • implemented the characteristic sets using Java
  • Skill acquired: Apache Jena APIs, Sparql

2IL55 Geometry Algorithms

  • Learned: Geometry algorithms, e.g.
  • Project: Map matching
    • Map matching is a process of identifying the roads which the vehicle actually drives on based on its GPS trajectory.
    • Implemented two algorithms for the map matching problem:
      • Incremental
      • Global based on weak Fréchet distance
  • Skill acquired: Nothing
  • Ps: 俄罗斯哥一手包办了project的coding, report和presentation

2IW02 Real-time Software Development

  • Learned: CSP (Communicating sequential processes)
  • Project: controlling a camera…
  • Skill acquired:
  • Ps: 最后的作业去UTwente做的, 不过没做完, 考试也没考, 挂了.
    • 奇葩课程, 工具是一边开发一边给学生用
    • 在twente还看见了开发者, 一中国妹子, 吓尿了

5N520 Statistical Bioinformatics

  • Learned:
    • essential molecular biology
    • sequence alignment and dynamic programming
    • BLAST statistics and substitution matrices
    • multiple sequence alignment
    • Hidden Markov Models for sequence alignment
    • phylogenetic trees
    • sequencing and genome assembly
  • Project: No project
  • Skill acquired: Matlab Bioinformatics Toolbox

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